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Say Hello to the WordPress Block Editor

On June 1 we’ll be retiring our older editor and transitioning to the more recent (and more powerful) WordPress block editor. Want to …

Say Hello to the WordPress Block Editor

I quite enjoyed the block editor and was quite content on using it after returning to the WordPress platform after two years as it makes it easier to use on the fone app. But I sometimes still switch to the classic editor because there’s just some things that can only be achieved via the classic editor—at least for me. Or maybe I need to get more familiar with the block editor. The option for classic editor is still there so I guess everything will be okay once the transition becomes permanent. Hoping the transition goes smoothly.

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Chain of Gold • Cassandra Clare

My first book for Bout of Books 28 that I began back in April for Bout of Books 27.5 and I have finally read it. Read my initial thoughts here. The newest book in the Shadowhunter world and it has fared well then the last trilogy. This review is being also being posted as Day 6 Blog Challenge for the Bout of Books 28 Readathon that is currently ongoing.

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Bout of Books Day 3 Progress

Day 4’s Blog Challenge is to get recommendations from your fellows on twitter or on the bout of books blog. I would like recommendations as well based on my preference of feel good, splice of life books basically contemporaries that will make me laugh. I have missed reading those.

Back to the post at hand. This is what went down in terms of my reading or non-reading and the challenges.

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